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BATSON, HIMES, NORVELL & POE has been in the land surveying and civil engineering business in Knoxville and the surrounding counties since 1954. This experience includes a large percentage of the development of land for residential use by the major developers in Knox County, along with many industrial developments that have been completed for the same clients.

Each of these projects required the use of many phases of civil engineering: land surveying, hydraulic and hydrologic design of storm water facilities, hydraulic design of sanitary sewer and water supply facilities, inspection of construction, lot and roadway design, being the representative between the client and the controlling governmental body, placement of final monuments, and preparation and recording of final plats.

Our partners are licensed to practice Civil Engineering in the State of Tennessee, the State of North Carolina, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a superior quality of service to our clients. This means that we are available when needed, attentive to the client's wishes and committed to delivering quality work on time. We pledge to hire and train employees to be competent administrative, technical and engineering professionals who are committed to Company purpose and client satisfaction. An environment is provided to give motivated members every opportunity to develop skills and assume increasing responsibilities in return for greater financial reward and job satisfation.